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Blackwall panel system dividing a large open area

  • Black walls…
    Black is our main colour by design. Experience working in exhibitions and events has taught us that black has strength and versatility. Black gives the sharpest definition to anything in front of it, providing a classic, timeless context that won’t interfere with any other design aim. Black also acts as a vivid medium for art or product display. In fact, our aim is for our panels to disappear into the background where displays, art, flowers, lighting, food and drink and table settings should be the main focus.
  • Dividing a larger space…
    You can divide a space into back of house and front of house areas. You can hide something ugly or protect something valuable by screening it off. You can create spaces for a specific use – Cloakrooms, Changing Rooms, kitchens. Blackwall, with its simple, classic, functional design is now the ‘go to’ divider for the demanding catering and events industry in London. In our experience, an event organiser needs a divider that looks smart, goes up and down quickly and is sensitive to the fabric of the most delicate venues.
  • Display your vision…
    The Blackwall panel system is a stylish vehicle for product and art display. It’s ideal for a trade show, conference, poster stand or art exhibition. Against a black backdrop, colour and detail are amplified. You can put up your display by using hook Velcro, pins or staples. For large or framed pictures you can use our bespoke picture hanging system. We also supply display lighting.

Hire service

Blackwall Hire's installation team
At Blackwall Hire we offer a unique and highly versatile product that is well suited to many situations.  Our expert hire and installation service is fast and reliable.  Our experienced installation team deliver, install your set up and take it away again to suit your timing needs.

Speed of installation — by design

The Blackwall system has speed of installation integral to the design.  It is put together with custom made joining pieces and assembled without the use of power tools or an army of crew.  We know of no other premium screening product that goes up and down as fast as Blackwall.

  • You tell us what you want and what problem you are trying to solve. We listen to you – and will always help and advise you if you need it with your floor plan. Or if you know exactly what you want – that’s good too.
  • We’re always happy to join you for a no-obligation site visit. It never hurts to get in situ and talk through the options.
  • We have many years of experience building walls for the catering, events and exhibition industry. We know what works. Blackwall staff are punctual, efficient, friendly and will always go the extra mile to help and advise on site.
  • Our installation teams are expert at thinking on their feet and are very adaptable to last minute changes or alterations.

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